Caron Bolt Roll Out Machine





Semi automatic entry level Spreader that perfectly merges an “easy” way of use and a “production efficiency”. Is based on a simple manual movement and allows to spread in a semi automatic way a lot of fabrics in roll up to 60 Kg. The best features are Compactness and Versatility. Automatic cradle tilt for fast loading/unloading operations of rolls. The electronic fabric feeding, the antistatic inclined plane and the automatic threading of the fabric assure high performances and an excellent spreading quality.


Basic Technical Features:

• Automated cradle tilt system
• Control keys on the right
• Available spread height 180 or 220 cm.
• Maximum roll weight 60 kg
• (Different weight and measures available upon request)
• Two way cutter with variable speed and automatic lift
• Computer touch screen on board
• Electronic control material tension system
• Edges alignment thanks to the photocells placed on the moving base
• Spreading with or without catches
• Manual movement of the machine





Technical Sheet