Caron Mask Roll Out Machine





Digital spreader MASK with EtherCAT technology: A very fast industrial electronics that guarantee communication between machine parts inthe order of nanoseconds.Interconnection through REST protocol with reading of standard files whichguarantees full compatibility and adherence to the IOT principles.


The new Mask spreader guarantees high performance and spreading efficiency and is equipped with a perfectly ergonomic and configurableindustrial PC machine.


The spreader is totally designed in 4.0 technology and is equipped (upon request) with a dedicated web application that analyzes in real timethe efficiency and productivity of the machine, giving back fundamental data to the analysis of the production cycle.Through remote assistance, it is possible to directly access the main control parts of the machine with the possibility of diagnostics, monitoringand possible software update.Mask guarantees its complete and total customization both in functional and aesthetic terms through the application of panels of differentmaterials and colors.