Cosmotex Spreading Machine – Apolo

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The APOLO Cosmotex ensures production quality with affordable maintenance costs:

  • Reaching maximum performance: the tables extend the Cosmotex offer a flexibility in applications to extend and can extend to tissues from rolls or folded fabrics.
  • Reduces the loss of material: the Apollo assures the extend of fabric without additional tension, promoting a wide extension needs. When aligning the edges of materials, play them in order to optimize the material have.
  • Repetabilidade ensures a greater precision in the cut and reduces the rate of rejection in the sewing room.
  • Operational facility: the roll of material with belt transport system only facilitates the loading and unloading. The intuitive touch screen facilitates learning operator.
  • Ease of maintenance and reliability: low cost of parts and maintenance. The machine is compatible with standardized parts which can easily enocntrar at your local store.



PCS (production control Software), allows to know the total extended fabric, total meters per minute, the production time and the time lost and all the information for production and daily. Can easily meet the daily and weekly production and ways to improve.