Cutting Machine Flexo Orox Sirius

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Machine and technologically advanced services to promote their productive skills


Speed: drastic reduction of production time.
Quality: accuracy and elimination of human errors in the Court.
Advantages: increased advantage and rapid return on investment.
Flexibility: direct Insertion of the cutting parameters through custom software or standardized CAD systems (DXF, ISO 6983AAMA and GT)
Security: expert technical Service and dedicated after sales.



Robot Flexo:

Concentration of technological innovation

The cutting arm Robot Flexo is complete and independent. Constructed from strong but lightweight alloys, enter the tapping head with benefits for the intelligent management of the CNC control, combining this with the most advanced electronic systems and power brush.
The arm moves along the longitudinal axe of the cutting table while the cutter head moves simultaneously along the transversal axe.
Electronic parts and software interact with the mechanical part creating a dynamic movement speed and high precision.
The high-frequency oscillating blade cut the fabric quickly and accurately.
The touch screen facilitates the operational functions and the intuitive and simplified machine use.



Integrated technology:

The transport automatic cutting machines include the Robot Flexo, which allows the cutting unit integrated and intelligent management of energy.
The motion controller adjusts the cutting speed from the angles and curves of the pieces so that the blade does not get out of the way even at maximum speed.
The use of the latest electronic and mechanical innovations makes a flexible machine FLEXO OROX and the ideal choice for any type of industry (textiles, furniture, interior automotive and nautical).


Perfect Pressure

The cutting surface is made from a material essentially consists of QUAD MULTIAGHI, which makes it flexible and compact, which facilitates the penetration of the blade.
A patented vacuum section distributes the vacuum suction level on any surface. When combined with the QUAD MULTIAGHI allows the vacuum concentration in the cutting area.
The special system EVAS (electronic vacuum sensor) allows the optimization of suction. Using a sophisticated sensor to sense the air leaks during the cutting phases.
The electronic system regulates the vacuum outlet allowing the fabric to remain always stuck in the cutting plane through a perfect pressure.



Energy Consumption

And optics cost reduction of machine maintenance, particular attention has been reserved for the energy costs of operation of the same electronic systems controlled by inverters, do not allow to reach the peak of electrical absorption. In addition, the intelligent control system of vacuum moderates hold the vacuum turbine speed reducing energy consumption spent to keep the material attached to the cutting table. With the additional device automatic coverage from the cutting area, the dispersion of the vacuum is reduced, reducing the electric consumption subsequently.


Blade sharpening performed for you

An innovative system of blade sharpening through electronic control and with only a Sharpener keeps the blade always sharp. In addition, with this electronic system it is possible to modify the angle of grinding machines. This feature facilitates particularly cutting resinous materials or tissues with a special finish.
The wear of the blade is automatically stream, making it last longer and be always clean and need in court.


Clean cut and I need

The special control of the cutting blade with mechanical rollers opposites and other apparatus keeps the orthogonality of the blade on the table saw. The cutting speed is managed to maintain a precision uniformity between the top and the end of the Court, even in hard materials such as jeans. If you want to increase production (increasing the number of plies and the cutting speed) the appliance particularly FLESE (bending sensor) is available. The automatic and real-time modification of the position of the blade reduces impact and bending in the same relation to the material to be cut.


Ease of transport of table

The download section is made from rubber cloths makes it easy to pick up the pieces; The trash can be downloaded at the appropriate. The discharging system moving in a synchronized, however can be controlled separately to allow the unloading of the machine while at the same time starts a new phase.



Court time saved

The easy way how to enter information and the special program CSM (motion control) for a continuous feed of the cutting mat reduces cutting time and increases overall productivity of FLEXO machines.


Failure or anomaly

Each component of the system is continuously motorized and the possibility of anomalies be detected in the tactile screen enables a fast service in order to restore the conditions of work. The appliance of error or anomaly makes it easy to fault detection allowing a fast and technical service from a distance by specialized technicians OROX.