Máquina de estender Caron Puma DD





The automatic spreader Puma with a modern design is born for combine Technology and Safety. The strong and compact structure guarantees a fast spreading, thanks also to the new cradle with an unique belt, for both the materials: light and elastic fabrics and heavier weight. It’s possible to integrate to the software and hardware other new productive technologies to improve the working conditions and increase the spreader’s performance.


Puma is compatible with industry 4.0, in fact can be connected with a pc or tablet by Wi-fi in order to transfer spreading data and control step by step production planning more over a remote support will be possible. The spreading data in alternative can be directly sent to the spreader with a Barcode Reader. With Puma it’s possible to install a camera just to see at the same time what the machine do and which kind of material was also spread .


The new driving belt decrease the noise and avoid the maintenance work.


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