Mesa com insuflação

The air blowing table creates an air cushion over which the spreeded fabric floats in order to be moved easily.


Ideal for long tables and heavy weight material. Being built on the same sturdy structure of the basic spreading table, it has all its features. Table top made in “noble fibre” rimmed in ABS with internal “air space”, it has holes every 13 cm to ensure regular air diffusion and to avoid air wasting. The air pipe line, connected to a unique hole of 10 cm placed on the back side of each table top module, joins the table tops to the air blowing motor. One blower every 6-7 meters of air blowing table is recommended (depending on actual table width and material weight pr. square meter).


Ideal for spreading pad and quilting material, the air vacuum table can be used on all those situations where fabric lays volumes must be reduced or blocked before cutting.

It has all the features of the air blowing table but the holes on the table top that are every 6, 5 cm to ensure perfect vacuum effect. One vacuum motor, placed inside a metallic soundproof box, is recommendable for 6 meters of table. Air vacuum and blowing can be combined on a unique table