Automatic cutting machine Unicut 3C50

Automatic cutting machine Unicut 3C50





  • High head dynamics adjusted to different cutting modes
  • High durability of knife
  • Drills for different sizes of holes
  • Blade cooling system (option)
  • Automatic knife speed adjustment
  • Automatic sharpening
  • The possibility to adjust the tooling configuration to the needs of the Customer
  • Camera for operation with patterned materials (option)




  • Fast and precise cutting of multiple layers of material (50 mm high after compression).
  • Innovative solution for prevention of vibration emissions in case of operation with fast knife oscillation speeds (up to 6000 cycles per minute)
  • Precise cutting without safety buffers allows for more effective use of material with shortened length of layouts





  • Fast cutting for single layer and small volume production
  • Increased resilience of operating field (Nylon Brush system) eliminating the need of expensive and frequent exchange of transmission belts.
  • Increased knife oscillation speed to increase the cutting speed – HSC (HIGH SPEED CUT).
  • Material taken directly from feeder adjusted to work with several rolls of material.
  • High cutting quality in comparison to cutters equipped with circular blades – cutting without jams.
  • High durability of the knife eliminates the need for its frequent replacement.