Automatic cutting machine Unicut One.5

Automatic cutting machine Unicut One.5


As expected by our customers both operating the machine and its technical maintenance and servicing are easy and intuitive.


The machine is designed in such a way as to provide easy access to all components and allow efficient technical maintenance.






  • New, lighter structure of head casing made of composite material increases cutting dynamics and at the same time dampens vibrations increasing the comfort of operation
  • Special sharpening system increases cutting efficiency by extending the knife service life by additional 50%
  • Additionally the reinforced head increases the cut precision
  • The possibility of adding drills equips the device with additional hole cutting options, with different diameters of up to 20 mm.





  • The breakthrough design of the machine foreshadows the evolution of the concept in direction of global data exchange
  • The steel structure of the machine is an uncompromising approach towards the heavy duty conditions of operation
  • Stable construction secures safety and durability, limiting possible mechanical damages
  • Possibility of installing an air duct chimney leading the air from the machine to external fan