Caron Lion roll out machine

Caron Lion roll out machine


Lion, a mature creation of our most advanced research, is our automatic spreader that has been revolutionized in its design and performance in order to assure simplicity to the operator, still guaranteeing the maximum speed and spreading quality: the new axial control system CNC assures a completely accurate loading of all kinds of fabrics, even those that are more difficult to be spread; thanks to a stainless steel inclined plane the “sail effect” is eliminated and loading and unloading of the material is made easier.


Lion can work both, with or without the operator, and it enables you to choose between semi-automated or automated working cycles. The new graphic touch screen color icon driven operator panel, and main functions placed on the speed hankle, interact directly with the operator, and they guarantee a quick apprehension even for less experienced users. Furthermore, the ergonomics between the adjustable tilt operator panel and a variable height feeding device make the use of the new Lion spreader very easy and user friendly.


It is possible, using the operator panel, either to program manually the material length and number of plies to spread, or to use the guided touch spread length programming. Lion can memorize different optimal spreading parameters based on different types of material. When changing the material to spread, the operator only has to insert the corresponding parameters in order to guarantee himself the optimal spreading.


Basic Technical Features:

  • Control keys on the right or on the left
  • Automated cradle tilt system
  • Color computer touch screen with auto diagnosis system
  • Electronic control material tension system
  • Edges alignment thanks to the photocells placed on the moving base
  • Spreding with or without catchers
  • Storage of different spreading programs
  • Two way cutter with variable speed and automatic lift
  • Maximum speed 100 m/min
  • Available spread height 160 – 180 – 200 – 220 – 240 – 320 cm



  • LION 200: maximum roll weight 200 kg
  • LION 300: maximum roll weight 300 kg
  • LION 500: maximum roll weight 500 kg



  • Movable and catcher
  • Reverse wound fabric spreading device
  • Flat spreading unit
  • Tubular device
  • Flat fabric spreading plane
  • Triangle device for opening double folded flat fabrics
  • Software for multi size and variable color fabrics spreading
  • Rolls feeding devices










Technical Sheet